"Intelligently written book”

- Tom Hall, 'The Monocle Arts Review - Monocle Magazine'

“You’ll come away wanting to see a Jim Jarmusch film if you haven’t seen one”

- Karl Smith, literary editor, ‘The Quietus’

Jim Jarmusch - Music, words and noise by Sara Piazza


"Piazza’s book is a lengthy and detailed study of Jarmusch that intelligently explores his work in terms of sound and which does draw on a few academic sources . . . Piazza doesn’t merely analyse how sound functions within his films, but argues for the importance of sound in terms of how it structures and permeates them. In focusing on how three sonic aspects work in his films – music, words and noise . . . her analyses on the whole are sophisticated and rich . . . an excellent and highly recommended book which contains some extremely insightful reflections on Jarmusch’s art."

– Jamie Sexton, senior lecturer at film and television studies Northumbria University,  'Viewfinder'

Jim Jarmusch: Music, Words and Noise is the first book to examine the films of Jim Jarmusch from a sound-oriented perspective.

The book uses wide-ranging examples from music, film, literature and visual art, and features interviews with many prominent figures including Ennio Morricone, Luc Sante, Roberto Benigni, John Lurie, and Jim Jarmusch himself.

Publishing date:

1 June 2015